The dashboard contains a snapshot of your overall usage, a list of your upcoming interviews, and your team’s recent activity. Your whole team can view the dashboard including members.

Overall Usage

The snapshot shows the total number of studies you have, interviews conducted, participants, and hours spent with your participants. It also shows you the difference in use from the previous month.

Upcoming Interviews

This section shows you the next 5 upcoming meetings. It includes the date and time, name, default attributes, study name, owner/moderator, the link to join the call, and a link to the interview room. To see more interviews click the “show all” link in the bottom left corner of the upcoming interviews section. It will redirect you to a full listing of all interviews currently scheduled.

Recent Activity

This section shows you the activity across your whole team.

Interview Room

The interview room is a place to write your notes, connect to your scheduled call, and automatically upload recordings. You can access it via the dashboard in upcoming interviews, and in the participants section of a study.

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