Create screeners for your interviews or bigger surveys to learn more about your pool.

Create Your Survey

  1. Use my own survey link:

    1. In the top right there is a button you can toggle on to use a link to another survey provider such as Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, etc.

    2. Paste the link to your survey.

    3. If you are using an anonymous survey link but still need to track participants, make sure to ask an identifying question in your survey. You will need to flag/link participants manually.

  2. Build your own survey on Great Question

    1. Type your question into the top section.

    2. Optional: add additional context or instructions in the section below.

    3. Click the down carrot to reveal selection types:

      1. Short Text

      2. Long Text

      3. Email

      4. Number

      5. Website

      6. Yes/No

      7. Checkboxes (select all that apply)

      8. Multiple Choice (select one only)

      9. Likert Scale

    4. Editing checkboxes and multiple choice

      1. Click into the box to type selections.

      2. Click the X on the right to delete options.

      3. Click “enter option” to add another option.

      4. Click “add Other” to add an Other option.

    5. Editing Likert Scale

      1. Select numerical scale using the down carrots.

      2. Click in to each box to type the corresponding label.

    6. Make your questions required.

      1. Toggle on the required button in the bottom right to require that people answer the question.

    7. Add skip logic

      1. Click “add skip logic” below your question.

      2. Menu will appear on the right hand side to program as needed.

        1. If the response to: Use the dropdown(s) to select responses.

        2. Skip to: use the dropdown to select which question will be answered next.

        3. Click save.

        4. To remove: click “remove skip logic” and menu will close.

  3. Add a new question

    1. Click the plus sign to add a new question.

  4. Copy a question

    1. Click the image of two layered pieces of paper.

  5. Delete a question

    1. Click the image of a trash can.

  6. Save as attribute

    1. Add your data directly to your pool by clicking “save as attribute” and selecting the attribute you want.

    2. If the attribute is not available, add a new one.

  7. Re-order your questions

    1. Hover over the question you want to move until a hand appears.

    2. Click the question and drag and drop it to where you want it to go.

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